Addiction or Fun?

Idk guys but I feel that I am in an endless loop of trying to film or take photos to every girl I see in my way (only big asses). No matter how many videos do I have, I always want more. Most of the videos I have, I even have not seen them. Idk if it’s just me or this is something very common in our personality.

i would appreciate very much if someone has an advice, because I feel that, I have wasted a lot of time because, maybe, I am the only foolish who can not have balance and get my sh!t together, or maybe someone has been there, and know what’s the angle so I can change my perspective.

(Sorry if I have grammatical errors)


Try to quit cold turkey for a month. If you can’t do it, you’re addicted.


It’s an art form dude, seems like you’re just trying to perfect yours. I have tons of videos I’ve never watched either & when I see a huge ass, my immediate thought is to start filming. Maybe I’m addicted too but I do this for my own perversions, have never questioned it the way you are rn & definitely don’t see it as wasting my time. You’ll figure it out dude, don’t overthink it.


my a-DICK-tion is to the female body itself, for the most part… when i run into a gas station real quick i scope whats walking in before i get off my motorcycle but since i feel like its going to be an in and out kind of stop i dont cock my camera back unless i see something SPANK-tacular heading in… half the time i kick myself in the ass for missing whats already in there… i have over 30k chick pics saved to my phone (not even half are candids… maybe ¹/⁴ are) and those are due to my #1 porn fave being non nude sexy petite fck toys. i cant help but to save the ones i greatly enjoy… damn well knowing ill not look at them again unless, very rarely, they are just so bad i lose all the blood from big head instantly… big booties have never attracted me to them really… its the lil petite ones that i can manually position how i want that get me all ready to fck’em like i hate’em… lol… fckin thumbs get carried away and t too much…


It’s a mental thing for me, like Im getting away with something. Like I’m taking something from them in that moment with out them knowing.


My candids are an art, but they are also a means to enjoy the bodies they will be flaunting. Women have no sense of modesty these days, and if they want to flaunt it then we should be able to enjoy the sights.


My man <3

It’s fun ! You feel a great rush and an extra motivation that it’s unbelievable ! Imagine waking up like a person who doesn’t enjoy what women flaunt ! That’s plain boring man. We live short life spans, we have to enjoy it ! Hit the gym get hot as fuck and record some chicks. Those times when you are recording and you see them checking you out on the video is EXTRA sexy ASF ! I’ve been loving ass since I was like 6 years old. I got my first candid picture in 7th grade lmao ! It’s something we all enjoy.