Airport Colombian big booty BBL (OC Videos added)

How could I not cap a BBL like this :sob::sunglasses: my goodness , got a 3 min vid to go along with !
thinking about doing a Airport series too

Like & Comment for Vid :pray:t4:


muy bueno, gracias

God damn! Perfect BBL ass on her. Great caps bro

Jesus Christ! I would have followed her everywhere

white leggings are my absolute favorite for capping due to their great visibility
this chick is on another level though! :yum:

That is quite something

So perfectly round!

broooo yours caps are so amazing you need post more definitely

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should def start that airport series

Beautiful ass

Massive perfection. Airport series would be a great addition

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her shit match the thighs nicely love to see it :clap:

Hell yeah :+1:. Love the white leggings


That thang is rotund…the back shots would be life changing

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damn, i can’t wait to see more… hope vid drop soon


I have 3 vids ready from mediafire , this forum doesn’t allow me to add links on my post , do you know of any other way I can post vids ?

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Update - videos added :+1: