Airports are a gold mine

So I’m just getting back from vacation and holy shit these airports are full of girls asking to be capped. So many tight yoga pants and shorts it’s been driving me crazy the whole time. I wish I could get clear shots of all of them. Just in these major airports it’s hard with so many people around. But, if you plan on traveling soon, have your phone ready… you won’t regret it


You aren’t lying! I was at the airport last week and DAMN! I saw one girl in full romper nice and tight and she was cheeky! I couldn’t capture her but boy do i remember that jiggle


As a regular business traveler, you are absolutely correct!
I am always hesitant due to cameras everywhere.
Unlike a Target or Walmart, these cameras are being monitored in real time by Police and TSA.


I was tempted and even tried to get a few but it was definitely hard with the cameras and just the amount of people around. If only I had a photographic memory :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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Man I was traveling alone and I swear it seemed like every 5 minutes a girl with a nice ass would walk by. Hard walking in the airport when you’re bricked up lmfao


Stand by the hawaii terminal… every chick is in a bikini top going to and from and they usually have coin so everythings blown out… lol


i dont see any picturew

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Its so crazy that you me tipn this because when camera phones just came out, my best friend and I were traveling abd we justvabout lost our fucking minds at JFK. That day i learned there is literally no better place for booty than airports. Especiall ones that connect international and especially during summer!


So true! Any kind of girl would prefer to wear tights or leggings on a long flight, it almost has sort of a sleepover appeal like when you’re the only guy invited. :rofl: I mean you get close, sooo close sometimes. But there is the issue with security and cameras everywhere, also if in transit you can’t just leave to get out of a situation. That’s the downside of air travel.