Amazing ass

This is one of those asses that comes once a year. Did the best I could but still wish I had tried to get some more candid. I’ve only seen as ass like this once before and that was last year.


Gawd Dang!!

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Couple of tips: Never look at the subject when recording. Have a phone case that covers the screen. DO NOT attract attention by acting suspicious, such as running around and not actually looking at any items (like a normal shopper would) and have some items in your cart or hand. When it comes to actual recording techniques you have some safe options:

  • hold your phone to your ear and pretend you’re on the phone and angle the camera appropriately
  • take a shopping cart (put some stuff in there) and hold the phone such that you can walk by and get a good shot never look in their direction
    -if it’s in an aisle you can get close by pretending you’re looking at an item and ideally you want to go to the opposite side so you can get their back turned to you. From there you can turn your back to her and hold your phone in one of your hands and cross your arms such that you can record behind you.

And remember you only really need a few seconds to get your shot, make sure there’s sufficient lighting and try to get as close as you can while keeping the above points in mind. Do not linger because there is no need once you’ve got your shot.





I love women that can fill jeans out like that fuck I bet her ass is amazing!!!