Angles of shooting?

Hi. I noticed something, the few times i capped someone. Am i the only one who thinks this angel, destroys the “true” image of the butt? I noticed that, butts looks more flat, than in real life. Sorry for bad Paint skills :smiley:

Is it better at the hip? Only concern, is that it feels more unnatural for holdning a phone like that.



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I think that angle gives a good sense of top curvature. Like the top of the heart.
But it doesn’t give you the underbutt shadow that shows depth. It also doesn’t give you a full view.

I truly appreciate posts that are able to capture all angles.


Well in real life you wouldnt be staring at ass crouching down like a crotch goblin. Any phone with that angle feels more accurate to viewing it irl


Just get plenty of angles and choose the best ones when you get home. Profile shots are always good in addition to behind, just turn your phone as you walk past, with some practice they come out OK.

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