Anyone else has terrible luck?

Preparation implies expectation. Expectation isn’t always kind.

I always come up on the biggest/best bootys when I’m least expecting it. If I dress up and look good to shop/look at women, I hardly get good opportunities but if I run to the grocery store for a few things in my pajamas with bed head, I always see the phattest asses of all ages. As other people have said, ALWAYS be prepared and make sure your phone is charged. I’ve had a few times where I was going about my day and unexpectedly saw mega cheeks and my battery was too low to record :sob:


Broooooo :sob::sob::sob:

This the one !!!

The way you look really matters ! Pull up in crocs, sweats and a random t shirt with bed hair and you gonna get looked at funny before you even grab your phone !

Pull up in a decent outfit, clean shoes anything not sandals or crocs xD, jeans or chinos , a nice shirt or jacket and hair with pomade and you’re golden. Bitches will be eating you up with their eyes !!!

I also remember going in for a money shot only to realize my phone un-alived itself


I was out and about all day getting the best shots ever (even managed a few face shots). I was beaming with joy to check the footage.

Low and behold half the videos were corrupted!!:sob:fml

My best shots have been when I wasn’t chasing. I’ve wasted countless hours going for the sole purpose of getting good content and failed. It hurts! My best advice is to not expect it as much and be ready for the opportunities when they present themselves. Don’t go to the busiest store necessarily. Go to stores that your demographic (ideal subject) would shop at and go in with the intent of buying something that you end up “not finding”. You can avoid being sus this way. My advice is to do this while doing your actual errands. That way you’re not just out and about to get candids. Cuz it can drain you when you don’t find anything. Good luck! And yes definitely clean your lens like that guy said. Very important.

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If the videos are corrupted they could still be rescued.

what is you talking about bro. I asked what time of days are usually best for everyone wasn’t even talking to you :joy: