Apple Watch camera band

What are your thoughts ? Would it be worth the investment?

I have a very cheap camera watch ($15 aliexpress) I’m a bit too tall for normal use as its too high, but good for crouching down in shops and stuff.

I would rather buy something like this which is cheaper and less obvious

My concern is quality , it’s a hefty price to if the quality is going to be poor. I just feel like I need another approach because the cellphone in hand definitely gets more looks than before.

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Where do they get these people from? The watch looks massive on this frail looking wrist!!

I’ve been watch-ing this thing for over a year and guess it’s out now. Great concept, would require new tactics to practice for this sport adapt or…well :hugs:

I’m never a fan of the first iteration but more than happy to compare to the next one. I have been left in the dust for not jumping on these things too though.