Are pool pics allowed?

A few weeks back I posted some caps from the pool I got of my friends hot wife. The post was removed so I reposted it and got removed again and my account suspended for a week. The only feedback I got said it had to be taken in public which the pictures were. I have shots from the pool this weekend from the 4th I want to post but also don’t want to get suspended again. Question is simple, can I post pool pics or not?


If it’s in public it should all be acceptable. Like what’s the difference in pool shots compared to the beach!


Should be able too, I’ve seen plenty of pool pics and almost of them are still up. Not sure why they’d suspend your account.

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Agreed pool pics are allowed imo, can we get a mod on this thread to confirm?

PUBLIC pools are allowed; however, private home pools not so much. The main rules of the forum still apply…if the pool is in a private house or back yard, then they will not be allowed.


The original pics from the pool I posted before were all a public pool, no home/private and still got taken down. That’s why I figured I’d ask before I post again and get suspended

They were not from a public pool, it was quite obviously a private pool.


Maybe send an moderator a sample of one picture and we can see?

I should also mention, I’ve seen pool pictures that someone took in a public pool changeroom and I was like… Wtf? That’s clearly a spot you don’t want to take pictures in… :person_facepalming:

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Usually not the best pics either