Assorted scrub booty pt.1

for the scrub lovers
there’s not many good scrub pics out there so hopefully this helps!


That nourse ass look very nice

Holy shit… You need to get us more🥵

Fuck yes and whats your fav

the girl with the lunch box is gorgeous but I’ve never gotten a great shot of her…

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fuck yes, we still need more on this site but this is solid

you have my vote for creating a brand new category. these are among my fav type of caps. I wish there was a whole archive of these, I’d be in heaven. simply beautiful, nuff said


Nurse Booty hits different :melting_face:
Can’t get enough :drooling_face:


Yeah, just like any outfit(jeans, yoga pants, leggings, spandex, bikinis…), nurses have all kinds, shapes, and sizes of asses…some of them very good, even to the point you’ve to ask yourself whether you can handle it without heart attack…but some are not good, and you may have to disregard it or treat her like a man(esp. if you’re not into LGBT) and no more fantasies afterward…

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That’s true, one of my uncle’s, before he came out, he was dating this woman, and eventually, they separated.
Her girlfriend is a doctor, very masculine and fit. Likes wearing a lot of baggy clothes though so you wouldn’t realize how muscular and thin she is.
SO, it’s definitely true what you say with the whole LGBT thing.