Bag Camera

Hey everyone, :slight_smile:

I’m thinking of using a bag cam with my phone in my bag and a hole within it for the lens. Does anyone know how to make the hole/lense not so obvious or any tips on how to make one if you’ve made one before.

I was thinking maybe if i made a few holes along the bag so the hole for the lense wouldn’t stick out as much and just look like a pattern of holes or something. Also how would you keep the camera tight against the hole without having to use glue.

Any ideas? :thinking:

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Nah it’s too obvious if I did it like that I think. I normally made videos with my phone just out and pretended I was just holding it in my hand in its case but then it was still risky sometimes lol.

I mainly wanted to make a bag cam just so I can just leave it pointing in a direction for someone who’s sitting and not needing to hide it lol since that was always my issue. Or to try the walk-behind type videos. I’ll try something though thanks. :smile:

Glue a cheap phone case inside the bag then you can remove it as you please, and when you put it back it’s in the right position?.

Yeah that’s what I do but have an iPhone cover