Beach Milfs

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Not in favor but the shots are god!! Well deserved like :+1: :+1:

Oooo that’s the stuff

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Not in favor? How so?

I’m here for the capture and share only. I have one identical to the chick on the left in blue.

It was only an opinion, as I said, great shots! Cuz thickness counts :+1:

I’d love to see that shot you have!

Here’s three to start, first one looks like they related LOL!!
-THICC mom (I think)
-Greyt Upstate PAWG…
-Big, Beautiful, and Busted


Whoo, definitely some THICC

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I love their offensiveness - how they enjoy to tease. that’s even more hot if they are NO “models” :wink:. (Though the one in blue has an incredible ass, of course!)

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Left one is a hot milf

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Perfection as fuck! Incredible asses on these two!

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