Beautiful brunette college girl in leggings


fucking gorgeous thanks for the pics




One question, how did you get the camera so low? In a shopping basket then put it on the floor? I’m very curious, thanks.

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You have to ask the one who shot it, but most likely he squatted down , every shooter has different techniques and tricks

Oops, I meant to reply to OP but must’ve accidentally replied to your comment. Makes sense though and maybe OP will reply as well.

Bingo. Squat down and “shop” for something on the bottom shelf. I film with my phone upside-down so the top of my phone was on the ground. For example…


Great shots

She is gorgeous - the converse sneakers just cherry on the top of this amazing share. Thank you!

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Great looking college babe

nice technique on the low angle bro

ay post that blondie :smiley:

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hot or not, I’d say stay away from the girl looking for a pharmacy consultation. At best she’s got flu. At worst, you’re pissing blood the rest of your life after tapping that sweet ass once.

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fuckkkk what a sexy little slut


Mmmmm I hope you share more of this juicy booty in the red shirt :peach:

That thickened ass is stunning. It seemed like she knew the pix were being taken and just offered up her buttocks anyway

this is amazing!!

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great technique.