Best app

On a real note this is probably the best app to use for IOS to get caps. It costs money but it’s well worth it. You can black your screen or even put your own image it shows while capping. Bunch of other settings to mess with too. Highly recommend


Let me know your thoughts if you try it

I use this app all the time on my phone and iPad. Works amazingly well and is solid!


Hey, I’m an user of this app, what mode do u use and tricks u use to capture ass ?

Yes, best 15 bucks

What’s the resolution of pics?
How good does a 1080 video look after complete?
Does it handle 60fps?
Full megapixel shots?
Is zoom affected?
These and other questions have never been answered. A simple yes would’ve helped at first, I’m convinced there are other drawbacks that users aren’t even aware of.
Pics for prof or fugedaboutit LOL

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I use an app similar to this it’s called C eye honestly it’s amazing. It captures everything frame by frame. Dead ass better then my oem camera settings on iPhone

Definitely first I’ve heard better than original phone. Maybe the editing software? I have my doubts on everything else. Especially when someone compares to the other tech, the leading one at that. You can understand my concern, at least most will.


I’m right there with you. It sounds intriguing and the customized screen offers lot of versatility (Grocery list, GPS game, Lock Screen, Running App) and it boasts with options like switch from photo to vid or such.

I’ll need proof.
Does it record slo mo?
What’s the FPS range?
What’s max resolution, I feel 1080p is lowish nowadays.


Anyone have proof these are good apps?
What woukd somrone recommend for a s22 ?

Appreciate it!

Probably a long shot but I’m hoping someone can help me out with an iPhone/SPC issue…

When I use SPC the video files get named with a standard “DATE_TIME_iOS” format, for example “20231114_204007000_iOS”.

If I export those files from SPC to my Camera Roll and then upload them to Google/OneDrive/MEGA etc. it retains the filename format. This was fine when I had a 14 Pro because the lightning port was USB 2.0 so data transfers via cable took forever.

I recently got a 15 Pro and I’ve exported files from SPC to Camera Roll then transferred to my PC via cable and the speeds are a million times better, however the issue I’m facing is the files don’t retain the same format compared to when I upload them. The names all come out as 8-character strings like “QHMC7464” and “AKNW5074”.

Anybody have any idea how I can fix this so data transfers via cable retain the “DATE_TIME_iOS” format?

I just tested on iPhone 15 pro max, recording just my living room, in 4k 60fps, and I could not tell the difference from the footage from the camera app and SPC.

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