Okay guys, heres one of the BEST ways to get GOOD, CRISP, QUALITY videos using your Android phone.

  1. Get yourself an otterbox case with detachable belt clip.

  2. Go buy a nice 64GB+ micro sd to save footage to

  3. Download THIS Background video recorder app

  4. Set the settings to the highest quality and longest record time.

  5. You can make a widget on one of your home screens to quickly start and stop recorder.

There’s no noise, no lights and absolutely no evidence you’re recording other than a tiny tiny green dot on your notifications bar up top.

Ive recorded up to 45mins with 0 issues and gotten AMAZING footage, you just need to basically start the recorder before entering bootyland, leave that puppy on your belt clip and forget its even there.

Now let’s get some new quality footage boys :sunglasses:


Let’s see the footage


you are probably right then leave the link to the “black screen” app the other user found it worked for him he is testing it and sharing it is my point of view (not to create conflicts)


The reason is so that you can just quickly press one button and don’t have to pull up the video app and risk someone seeing that over your shoulder. Plus you can keep your phone locked and keep recording. Don’t always have time or cover for extra steps if it’s a quick encounter. I am interested to see how it compares though. I’ve been using quick video recorder and the quality is fine.


Fake news this info had been shared plenty of times…why do we always need a rehash every other week. I’m telling u those of us who see these post should flag them. It’s truly unnecessary and not progressing anything. USE THE SEARCH BAR PPL.

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Where are al the frontal and side shots?? Full body head to toe?

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Yeah, i’ve given up on secret recording apps. I went through a period of using Background Video Recorder religiously and it was only after reverting back to the default camera did i realise how subpar my recordings were. Not sure if they’ve improved since then but i just rely on Black Screen.

@MAKA which camera are you using the front face for these pics:

That doesn’t look front facing, pic size alone. 3840 is the pic size for an iPhone, rear facing camera

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Lol I looked it up, most iPhones now are 12 megapixel on back, 7 on front, so imma stick to back

I have an iPhone. I would like you to click the power button on your phone, just a quick click for the screen to get dark. Then set the phone down on the nearby table. Look at the phone. That’s what my looks like when I’m recording, Quiet and dark. No apps except for the stock camera app as mentioned above.

Everyone has a preference. Everyone has different priorities. To each their own.

I’m still looking for that front face camera 4K quality footage and the hip-riders footage

Oh perfect! Well timed ads and pesky in app purchases. Can you inform the rest of us what those ads look like, when they pop up, and what other in app purchases are there

The only reason I suggest using a BVR app is for the guys who are too obvious or kinda sus. This way, if/when they get busted, you can open your phone like “look, nothing recording. My cam isnt on :tipping_hand_man:

Though mildly abrasive, I appreciate your input nonetheless :wink:


Checa mis aportes el 90% de ellos son de 360⁰

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If this is the “best shooting method” then why are the pics all blurry and low quality.

They are probably right about the quality and other things against this technique, but what they do not consider is that we are probably talking about “novice or poachers” hunters who are still starting out in this and, well, the truth is that they feel comfortable like that. That they start with that technique already later that they lose the fear that grabs gil

probablemente tengan razon en cuanto a la calidad y demas cosas en contra de esta tecnica pero lo que no consideran es que probablemente estamos hablando de cazadores “novatos o furtivos” los cuales aun estan iniciando en esto y pues la verdad si ellos asi se sienten comodos que inicien con esa tecnica ya posterior que pierdan el miedo que agarren agallas y mejoren su tecnica buscaran como mejorar su calidad, paso a paso en este riesgoso hobby ponemos mucho en riesgo al dedicarnos a esto


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I would do that but that little green light stays on, even with a black screen app on Android. Its noticeable.

Get yourself a flip top case, so you can keep the screen covered.


I use a messenger should bag that sits at my hip and has a pocket up front where I put my phone. Don’t even need to turn the screen all the way dark. But when I do I use the triple click accessibility feature and set it to “reduce white point” to instantly darken my screen.

Because i cant afford a nice new phone, those were in fact shot with my Motorola dynaTAC8000x so… You should be quite impressed at the quality of them.

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Extremely Agree.