Big Ass Granny With A Slammin Body


Ejoying hobby lobby? I do too looking at all the milfs there!


Id pound the early bird special out of that granny


When I was in my y***ger days, I had a friend who was adopted. His parents were old, even back then, but they used to Foster loads of ppl too. House was always full. One of them lads became my best friend growing up, even after he came out of care there.

We always used to say about the “mum”, bet the husband used to love her tits when she was y***ger :rofl: because they were fucking huge. God only knows how she gets a bra on now, as the husband is dead, so who is lifting them up when she has to get them back in her bra.

I agree it’s not nice to speak ill of the dead, but I could find a lot of signatures for a balot to confirm that he was a cunt. And the memory of laughing about this many many years ago still makes me laugh today.

Sometimes you can see a gilf like this, and you just know she had her back blown out plenty of times in her life, you know what I mean


Hot as fuck. Great catch pal. If the Grannies look like that in the US, I`m moving over there lol

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Happy World GrandMa Day :bouquet:

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super nice


Who would’ve guessed? She looks like a college student from the back

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I’d doggy style fuck her

She still got it!