Big Time Busted by Phat Ass Pawg

Not even worth it tbh. She’s aight. I like thick women but she just big. Not enough definition to be risking it for this bitch


Gotta deny at all costs, and never let another man snatch your phone outta your hands lol at the end of the day taking candids is less of a issue than strong arm robbery lol

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seems like a you problem judging by your posts man :rofl: all that risk just for these photos? risk/reward lol. cant get greedy at the mall; it can obvious when you are following considering how big it is

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Ya I seen it to, was gonna post it on here but lost the video

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Portrait photos tell me you were being far too obvious. Need to use blackscreen app, shoot in landscape, and keep the phone at the hip. Blackscreen app I like starts and stops recording with the volume buttons. I don’t even have to look at my phone. When not recording, swing your arm naturally but try and be a bit steadier when recording.


Black phone case, with black pants helps as well.

Similar story for me, was in a mall caught a nice milf black leggings walking down the hall the store lights were just glowing off her ass. Some tall black guy tapped me on my shoulder and asked if I know her (my phone was in the same hand as my coffee and the screen was fully dark idk how he knew) I said “no why?” he said he busted me recording her and wants to see my phone. I said naw you cant see my phone i got shit i dont want people seeing. so he kept persistent wouldnt let me walk or he would step in front of me. I told him to follow me on snapchat and we can talk later i g2g. he said nope im calling security. Ok i gotta go later dude. then as i started to walk the man shoved me into the flower pot in the hall near the escalator. So i said fuck this and I yelled at the top of my lungs “HES TRYNA ROB ME” then i darted for the exit so fast I saw him chasing me still but by the time he got outside i was already around the corner. walked around the entire mall took off my jacket and hat, hopped in my car. L8r dude thanks for the rush :)


will you upload the video?

this is why greed can get the better of us at times
my method of operation is to just go big and go home (literally)

if my phone was lucky enough to cap, I consider it a win. There will always be many assets to record, no need to risk charges and security harassment for one person (also subjective but I agree with some of the people here, she is only big)

edit: but wow that was one adrenaline filled story. I’d feel so excited to be in your shoes (I cap for the thrills)

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Seen that video too bro lol… the wife didn’t seem like she mind tho haha I just remember that video now