Big Venezuelan Ass in Textured black Leggings - My 3rd best catch - Close Up

I am very grateful for all the comments to my content, living near such big asses is a lot of work and it is to go crazy
This very big and meaty ass was in front of me for a long time, when she walked, she shook her ass in a hypnotizing way
I have a video that lasts a few minutes, it will go in the second part of this post

If you like fat Latin asses, I have the right place


I love fat Latin asses

Well, all fat asses. But where I am in the world, yes there is some decent fat asses, pawgs and bubble butt’s.

However, the quality of them amongst the general population is lacking. Its rare to see anything as good as this and in a pair of tik tok leggings.

Its great to be able to come on a site like this, with such great captures all in one place.

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Thank you very much for your comments, I will make sure to bring the best Latin asses to this forum



Juicy phat ass

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thick and juicy :peach::sweat_drops: