Bigger or smaller phone? Popsocket?

What’s the thought on these two things? Is a bigger phone better or worse?
Do popsockets help looking inconspicuous or help get better shots, or do they look suspicious?
Black phones better than light-colored phones maybe?

I have an old small iPhone 6 I’m thinking of switching to, i think the image sharpness and light response of the camera is actually much better than on my current phones (Galaxy A71). Unfortunately besides maybe the extreme dark screen accessibility setting, idk of any way to safely turn the screen off.

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Both of these phones camera technology are at least 3-4 generations old.

It will be difficult to get good shots.

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And I hold a galaxy fold 4 to cap :smiley:

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Nothing I can really do for that I guess. I was forced to buy the A71 2 years ago because of my carrier and I definitely can’t justify dumping another $250+ on a new phone right now. The sad part is I bought it refurbished and I’m 99% sure they replaced the cameras or lenses with lower-quality ones (had an A51 before which shoots way clearer sharper video).

That said, I’ve had good luck with iPhone cameras even though the 6 is old

No clue, just figured there may be some empirical/anecdotal evidence that one type is better :rofl:

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I love popsockets for two reasons:

  1. Easier to hold and maneuver while allowing you to use the volume buttons for taking pics less obviously…I have large hands.
  2. Use them like a fidget toy…spin your phone around, etc…helps put people at ease that you’re not recording or taking pics…but I am recording…I just trim out the spinning portions later.