Black Legging Friday

Bros… The mall is lit up! Bring your A game today.


I ain’t partaking in sales today, I may need to go out today - hope to see something!! It rained this morning, but may see a warm 55 so we can expect tights and hoodies over here!

With all the houseguests I needed some time out. Wasn’t expecting a bunch of college girls with bubble asses shopping at 730am. boy was I wrong. Hoping some turn out well.

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Women have been in full effect since November…we will have a heavy influx of dimes raining in from now to late January and this is Kafuru with the perv report😁

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I am weather dependent so these could be the last days. Report always appreciated.

Just got back from target there was so much ass and girls with tight leggings​:sob: i missed the opportunity for having my gf tag along :sob::smiling_face_with_tear: