Black screen not working

Black screen not working after iOS 16 update? After I updated my phone every time I do black screen the recording stops immediately. My co worker today had on new leggings that went up her ass so nice and I got none of it because it’s not working. It’s a big miss but anyone why it’s not working?


I’m sorry

I agree I missed out on some good captures because my black screen was acting up, I feel like iOS 16 ruined it

Massage the app developer.

There’s an app for black screen? I use the VoiceOver trick

Sp Camera Is what I use

I’ve heard good things about this app… tho I haven’t tried it.

Background Video Recorder Pro
bvr-pro .com

setup / best practice
youtube .com/watch?v=WoLSq32DIew&t=4s .com/store/apps/details?id=com.arbelsolutions.BVRUltimate

iPhone already has the tools available if you’re going black screen only.

Have you got this to work ?

Yes I have!

How did you do it ?I am in the same situation as you were.

Basically the same thing except don’t start recording before you go black screen. Go black screen and then use your volume buttons to start and stop recording

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