Blonde girl in higher waist jeans. Share your opinion

Not the biggest ass I’ve shot but there was something about this girl that made me record her body.
What do you guys think?



I fully understand why you would record her. Something about her is fucking hot.
Sure her ass isn’t that big but i kinda like it.

Nothing in particular sticks out, but I would have capped too. :thinking: This may just be one of those cases where the sum is greater than whole of its parts :person_shrugging:

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Yeah Something sexy about her. See feels/looks kinda tight down there. Like a feeling if you know what I mean

My opinion is she needs to reevaluate her attire choices and wear leggings or shorts it bikinis or tight jeans or booty shorts or lulus but this still good tho. I would have capped as well


Kinda like this one this is not too tight but idk something about her gave me middle shc0ol teacher vibes :joy: but still great cap is just iffy butt but your cap has a pretty face

Skinny white girls are just amazing

Something about the girls that wear very casual / loose attire but you can still tell they have a nice body underneath is very hot. :hot_face: It’s sort of like leaving more to the imagination. Good capture!

The girl is beautiful all her, top model tier, she’s explendid! Wonderful catch!

she’s rocking that 90’s mom outfit hard