Blonde girl in tight jeans shorts. Crotch close ups

Tell me if you want the video ;)


what equipment are you using?

I use a pen hd camera and a watch to record. I removed the camera out of the pen and have putted it in my sleeve. It is a very thin wire. Therefore I can direct it at my targets without people really realising what is or even that it happenend


good job :grinning:

nice . show the video

Of course we want!

These people looking for attention why even ask if we want it lol

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Sexy babe and nice fitting shorts! Great to see some crotch close-ups among all the asses on this site as well :smile:
Iā€™d love to see the video!

Hot job !!!

Amazing shots

Sorry for the long wait, but here is the video of this sweet girl in her tight shorts. Tell me if you fully enjoyed her? ;)


Lovely film of a sexy babe! Perfect crotch focus and that cameltoe must have felt as good for her as for us :wink: