Blonde in Red Lulus

Who else automatically takes their phone out when they see a girl in lululemons?


I do, when the opportunity presents itself! Damn she’s Bad!! Good shots, excellent angles! :+1:

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Nice capture! Thank you for the full body shots! I love that she’s wearing sandals too! Thanks for sharing


Good shit!

It’s a habit lol thanks for a sharing this ass

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I think It’s automatical for all of us, lol.

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Big ass, large hips and tight waist : i dream to see her naked on all fours :hot_face:

Damn whenever there’s a pic of them pulling their leggings I hope there is a video Lol

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Those leggings aren’t for exercise, but are an inspired choice for a dress code at her employer.

this is my favorite of all time lol

Damn! Great ass and nice angles again!!!
Diggin your content, mixing it up nicely!!!

Booty in the eyes of the beholder!

Thanks for giving a like on my posts

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If I like something, I’ll check out the topics created, it’s what I do LOL
way to mix up the content too

Very very good

I’m guilty! Nowadays, It’s just a normal reaction and if I’m with the wife, it’s more challenging. Love the red lulus, that ass was so nice and juicy. Thanks!