Blonde in Turquoise spandex set (OC) (Video)

Caught this absolute gem out doing a bit of shopping, can’t go wrong with colour set spandex.



Great catch,subject… shity quality vid such a shame😂

Oh f**k shes hot!

What A Beauty Of A Blondie! Amazing Shape! Those Spandex Pants are very revealing! Nice Job :peach::heart_eyes::yum::+1:

It’s annoying as when I add a watermark to a vid it goes from 1080p down to 720p so I might upload other video’s in the future at 1080p

Elle est vraiment bonne avec son cul bien serré et bien moulé

U have to know how to edit bru also that doesn’t even look like 720p more like 480p… also might look a bit better on mediafire gofile mega… uploading to candidgirls makes the vid super water down as to the other ones keeps the original resolution… just saying

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Sexy outfit and cute ponytail too! Love when she scratches her butt.

Nice af

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Peachy little slut

She’s the best kinda dump