Blurring out faces

I think I messed up are we supposed to cover the faces of the people in the back?

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Children, you should blur out for sure. I crop all faces, honestly.


It’s annoying among other terms to all those that don’t have the guts to capture faces seeing blurred or cropped out faces with the main subject when they’re available. Should always blur out unnecessary background extras though.
Many can roam around backsides and snap a pic/video if others aren’t around watching. If you’re worried about someone seeing themselves on here and some how magically linking it back to remember seeing you, don’t go to local stores. Or don’t post it right after, wait a while, few days, a week or 2 etc Some wait even longer.
That’s why I posted my own topic about freezing up with a local beauty. If I’m going to take candids it’s going to be a full 360 of a girl, or at least a side profile in the mix. Not worth my time just snapping random mystery backsides trying to remember or explain how the rest of them looked.
Used to do a lot more gutsy things that aren’t allowed to be posted and lately having rough luck not seeing any worth my time or risk being seen taking pics/video. I was busted by a worthless tight skirt woman in my early days because I was just out to cap a booty clip (the low angle way) she wasn’t even all that pretty.



I only blur out faces of girls i know, if they are a stranger then its free game for me but anyone i know im not showing their face


Cool, but I’ll keep blurring out or cropping faces when I can.

It’s not about being caught but about the fact that there are some sickos in the world and what happens if someone goes out there looking for one of them? Don’t want any part of that.