Blurry pics

How do you guys get your shots so crisp and in focus. All mine come out blurry AF.

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Would be good for you to share

  • Your camera/phone model
  • Whether it’s photos or stills from video
  • What technique(s) you use to shoot

From my own perspective I have an S23, I shoot video then get screenshots, and I just make sure I’m shooting in well lit areas. A lot of what I shoot is blurry but I just pluck out the good stuff.


iPhone 14pro
I usually shoot stills from a stationary position. Like say sitting on a bench. Ladies either standing or walking. Doesn’t matter always blurry.

How far away are they? I’ve found if I shoot further away subjects, sharpness drops off and noise increases. Looking at your shots it doesnt seem like you’re too close.

Have you tried video as well?

Any examples?


I just checked his threads, I don’t wanna speak for him but it does seem like he shoots from a distance, kind of the diametric opposite of your method :smile:

“Get closer” would definitely be a good start.

Also, a really dumb one that it took me a while to realise, smudges on the camera lens affect image quality a lot :tired_face:


I’m not close close but I’m not far either. Maybe 20-30 feet.
Also yeah smudges definitely cause issues but I keep the lenses clean.

Two options for video - You can enable ‘Action Mode’ on your 14 Pro which tries to stablise the video giving better stills. Alternatively, you can turn on 60fps 4K recording which takes more frames so you have a better chance of getting something usable. I use Action Mode - you can google how to turn it on.

If you’re going through video shot by shot you will find blurry ones and decent ones.

The main way to avoid blurriness though with video (and photos presumably) is just to work on technique and have the confidence to hold the phone stable for a little while so it can get a focussed shot. If you’re swinging it round to avoid looking suspicious then you just won’t get the shots. Just pause for a second or two when you can. Quite hard if you feel like everyone’s looking at you, but that’s where practice comes in - you have more time than you think

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I’ve seen your caps; you’re pretty far, dude.

  1. get closer
    2 ) microfiber cloth to clean your lens before shooting (or your clothes, whatever works for you)

Then all the other common stuff like well lit environments, steady hands, etc. If you go through other posts you will get an idea of how close you want to be ideally for a clear shot.


SLO-mo works the best for me. Captors everything without the blur of the photos

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Did a test at work betwen slo-mo and action mode. Will update after I get home from work and go through it.

It’s possible to get good clear shots with a phone though @swoosh, many popular shooters on here use them?

No question a good camera will likely be sharper, clearer and higher resolution at the same focal length.

But the advantage of a phone is being able to shoot unnoticed at close range as well as indoors - it really depends what type of shots someone wants to get.

I personally prefer a phone despite the inferior image quality but it looks like Carguy69 shoots further away, maybe he’d prefer a camera.

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Nice. Let us know how it looks

I have a iPhone 12 Pro Max and I never take photos. I take videos and from there. I frame grab to the most crisp second. That’s how I do it.

8 clips, pulled betwen two modes. Clean lenses. Blurry every frame…

You must be moving the phone, or something like that. The image stabilisation on the 14 Pro is usually great. Why not try on some randoms in the street, or even just at home, to see if they still come out blurry? Or try some stationary caps rather than walking?

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Yeah that’s true. My photos come out crisp and clean with slo-mo

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I know you said you don’t shoot far but could you let us know roughly how far you are shooting? Because your shots don’t look that close, and I’m thinking this is making quality suffer. Put it another way, have you tried any close up shots?

Did some testing again today. Longer pauses better results.

Also action mode in the 0.5 zoom did waaaaay better than 1x zoom. Also way better than slomo.

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