Bubble butt teen in tightest jean shorts

You just know she has to work to fit that phat ass into these! Those shorts have got to be stretchy as hell. The natural sunlight really makes her ass pop.


:drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face: amazing ass!

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Tough act to follow

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She’s trashy and I like it.


Just noticed you haven’t posted but I see you all over, that’s crazy! Sort of odd considering.

Luv it. Her ass must fart in relief when she takes those shorts off!

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You talking to me?

Holds down forcefully

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Extra round and cute must take an effort getting those shorts on

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Very hot. Wonder if she’s going commando.

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Thongs & G-strings gotta b all she can wear, trying to fit that fat ass into anything that tight.

Gotta be Capture of the Quarter @ Least, rite here !!!

Excellent job, thanks for sharing. This is one of the better posts I’ve seen in a while

Too bad we didn’t get the front shots 8/10

Oh dam , amazing ass & legs

oh my absolute god

Not missing much in the front. Not the cutest face, no cleavage or camel toe haha

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Please tell me you got a video?

she’s one false move from splitting those haha

Oh yes what a shape! great catch :hot_face: :sweat_drops: