Bunch of Teens in Shorts / Video

Walking around in a Town and saw this Bunch of hot Teens in Shorts. One in Spandex the others in Jeans. Each of them can make my Day. :smiling_imp:
Do you have a favorite?


Sexy underwear


YESSSS… I totally agree :sweat_drops: :sweat_drops: :eggplant:


Thank you very much Sir :v:t3:

impressive catch mate! well done.

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Thanks :v:t3:
Hope you enjoy it :wink:

I like that babe (who I suspect is lesbian) in the plaid lol

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the short hair blondie with ripped shorts showing off the undies it kinda hot.
I’m a big believer that when she shows you her undies, she wants you to see them.
She wants you to comment on them.
She wants you to take them off…with your teeth.
Game on.

Wow, great catch!!! I almost missed this perfect video :smile:
They are all hot babes, but the girl in tight pale jeans shorts is obviously my favourite :wink:
And of course - you gotta love a babe showing her panties!
Thanks for all your hard work getting videos like these!

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If that one dude had any sense at all, he’d be using his closeness to these hoes to capture all sorts of ass.