Busted at my local Walmart; Council needed

Yup, she was not worth it. They ain’t thicc, its just fat.


I Love the caught videos. We can learn so much from this. In Spanish I would have said " no mames, ni que estuvieras tan Buena" which means " bich stop playing you ain’t even that fine". We can learn not to get so close. But most of all we can learn that if you going to go for it. At least make it worth it. I’ll show you who caught me but it wasn’t this time apparently I had her on my lense 3 times before I got caught and didn’t know it. Apparently she was a Instacart worker she was at Publix all the time. And she caught me. I was behind her she turned and she is like delete the photos , I was like what you mean I m looking at my shopping list and my son was with me and a friends little girl and both said the samw thing , I was looking at my shopping list. She didn’t call store security and as I was leaving her mom came to me asked me if I had done it I denied it again I left than one day she came to deliver at my house and I was freaking out she didn’t realize who I was because it was back in COVID times and I had a mask and I dyed my hair red when she caught me. I still see her but i don’t capture her


Wheres the video

No video of it. Or if there was u erased it. Trying to hide evidence

2021-10-29 23.21.36

This is her 3 captures before she caught me .


I wanted those nips on my screen so bad I lost my mind :joy:

  1. Never face the same direction as the target. Approach angle is king.
  2. Face sideways, holding store items, then use the item as leverage to raise and angle phone at subject.
  3. You got caught because you just stood there, behind her, holding a phone at her asscheeks. Dude… wtf. It is called Candid photography in virtue of ones stealth.
  4. You got what you deserved.

I mean… she’s literally walking out her house with her tits out, what was she expecting?!


Appreciate the advice, that’s what I needed to hear. I was trying to think of ways around it but it’s safest just to go to target from now on (at least for the year), but if I need those cheap prices I’ll just go early in the morning with a disguise like you suggested


I especially agree with your 4th point I was outta my mind that day. It makes a bit more sense if you see the videos leading up to it, but I thought she already knew and didn’t care or was actually blind. Embarrassingly I wanted to get clearer shots like some of the regulars and just couldn’t figure out how. I’ve learned my lesson though, I’ll never trade off stealth for shots again; appreciate the advice

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Oh friend…I’m a latin guy and I speak spanish so i could feel the intensity of her words, watching the video scared me…


This is one of the best quotes I have ever heard. Thank you for the wise words

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Kenny Rogers ;)

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This is a good reason why you don’t shit where you eat. As women become more aware of creep shots we need to be much more cautious. They know what happens when they go out dressed like that, and they expect people to look. I don’t record candids on my phone, but I will still check a girl out, and it’s like they all have a 6th sense nowadays.

These days I shoot my candids outdoors, in public parks, where I can stand off at a distance and get great shots without anyone ever knowing. Even if they do notice, they are too far away to do anything about it.

Those of you who get up close have lots of balls, but most of you take giant risks for the ugliest subjects only to get super blurry pics. Is it worth getting banned from your local super market for this? How will you explain to your partners why you can’t go inside that market any more?


Having watched the videos now I’d say you got way too greedy, especially in the third video (were you get right up there). Those kinds of risks should only be taking with the utmost precaution. I’m sure she felt your presence at that point, and judging by whatever security camera surveils that area, I’m willing to wager the footage is pretty damning.

I can’t tell you how to shoot, but keep those kind of shots in a more controlled environment, where you can account for your situational awareness. @PISCES hit the nail on the head… point 3 is where you fucked up, royally. Everything he said from 1. to 4. is spot on. The people that take the shots they take, do so knowing all the pitfalls involved with it if shit hits the fan. And worse, with all due respect, you ruin it for other shooters. Always follow the basics. Self preservation is chief among the candid tool kit. Ensure you never get sloppy. Take all precautions. Anyway, you’ll bounce back. Keep your head down and use this as a lesson for the next time you go out.


And definitely not on someone’s first attempt. Just like learning to skateboard, take it slow - you’re not going to be making Tony Hawk level of moves on the first try. Eventually, if you keep at it slow and steady, you’ll be able to feel when it’s the right time to get certain angles and gauge what’s feasible and what’s not in a specific situation, along with sensing when it’s time to move on.

Yeah, your first attempted shots might be trash, and that’s OK - use that as a lesson and improve.


“Knowing she is yours forever now”

Sheeesh, that hit the spot.

On topic: fuck Walmart. That place is heavily under surveillance. You dont see all the screens above the checkout isles?

If anything change hunting grounds, go to a different Walmart.


Dude, one thing to point out theres a kid on the otherside of the mother. Lately in alot of areas there are numerous cases of kidnappings and sextrafficking going on. Not sure about your area but the mother could be assuming you were gonna grab her son. Imo erase anything incriminating or at least get it all out of the place you stay in. They got your pic and depending on the woman if she got your pic. Like many women they like to post to social media about creeps and have there friends share that info to shame creepers.
They could question if your a pedo or not. That would likely cause them to seek a search warrant of your place if they get an idea of who you are. Meaning your house will get searched and anything found used against you. Given its the weekend you got some time before a warrant can be issued. Searching your internet history to likely lead them back to this site.
Don’t go to the walmart for a while. If you do change your look get a hair cut or something. Now if you used your debit or credit card there they likely have your name and card on file. If they don’t have your name/info then use there online grocery pickup if your store has it. Avoid going inside.
They never got the chance to tresspass you yet so let the heat die down. Otherwise you will likely get issued with that.
Get rid or erase anything at your place in the likelyness they get a search warrant and you get raided. Or just let someone else hold onto your stuff for at least a month or so.
Getting shots in the clothing area isn’t a good idea. Tends to be the area were shoplifters go to stash empty packages. I know this because I’ve worked this job before.
Depending on the store your at. Some stores have good enough cameras that can read your text messages. Depends if management wants to shell out the cash and drain there management bonuses for it or not.
Ask yourself this, put yourself in the mothers shoes. If how you were acting if it gave off the sense that you might be after her child. It’s a risk when taking shots if a kid is in the shot.


Well said. Like I’ve said on here before, the subject never knows your intentions. We know we’re just capping her to share with the board/for our enjoyment/admiring her, and mean no actual harm. But they don’t know that. With all the news reports of women being attacked, gr0ped, trafficked, etc… they’re obviously going to have their head on a swivel if you’re not playing it cool. Add to that there are her offspring nearby, and she’s probably thinking “Is this dude taking pics of my offspring? Is he going to kidnap them?” (as the media likes to focus on)… so of course she would report it to security with something along the lines of “This guy is acting creepy around my kiddos, maybe he wants to kidnap them.”.

This is why it’s paramount to read the room and know what’s doable and what’s not. Someone can easily mistake you for doing something far worse than taking some creepshots.


Treat Walmart like a casino, eyes are everywhere. Unless you have a female friend with you stick to the mens section. Look like a normal shopper, grocery lists, basket,etc. Getting greedy is one of the worst things that can happen. If you can develop a way were your phone/cam isn’t in your hands. Like say poking out a hole in a pocket or something would be a bit easier. Sometimes setting a device to record before you get to a target is a good way to get shots. You can easily blend in as a shopper looking at stuff and your hands are free with eyes looking at something other then the target.
Walmart might try to build a case on you if you done it before this time. Like say the last time you were there taking shots. They might have caught on with this time it reaffirmed there suspicions. Yes they do take photos of you with there cameras. Technology is getting advanced with facial recognition to were sooner or later cameras will alert them of your entry. Not sure if walmart will shell out the money for that yet for some of there stores unless theft is high. If theres more walmarts in your area you can bet they share your photo with them. I’ve overheard them talking about it with shoplifters leaving one store for the next one. They waited for them to enter before cops got called. They do have asset protection people walking around in normal cloths.


I read recently that a large majority of cameras in that store, are for show.

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