Cam Settings Quick Video Recorder (android)

Does anyone know if auto white balance should be on or off for quick video recorder. also auto stabilization? do these reduce the quality of videos or are they good to use? Any tips on settings for quick video recorder?

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Oh that’s a smart setup is this better than using the app “quick video recorder”. I might try this black screen app with the phones normal camera app

Wait how do you continue recording and also use the black app? My phone stops recording when I leave the camera app

Never use an app EVER.
ALWAYS use the device camera, this will increase quality.
There is so much that goes into getting good quality.

Stay in the camera app and tap the icon.

Which icon. It still stops the video for me when I turn on the black app from pull down shortcut too

Get S22 ultra

I have it

Ask @dbcooper he takes incredible shots. Also use 3x zoom. Never use 1x and try to zoom in.

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Oh shit I just now found the black screen app I had a different app

I use a ‘prop’ in my shooting hand. Typically a sandwich container. My phone’s face is covered by it and the usually arrangement works -

The app blacks out your screen though

Very true. I’m using a Samsung A 71 now, and shoot at 1080p with stabilization on. It can do 4K, but the stabilizer doesn’t work at 4K