Cammy Street Fighter cosplay best cosplayer video I've ever seen and all happened directly in front of me

cosplay cammy best wiggle of a cosplayer right in front of me

I honestly have no words for how lucky I was and how amazing this ass is.

If you like wiggle, jiggle, cosplayers, cosplay, costumes, strutting, flaunting, showing off, curves, curvacious butts, booty, ass I have all the words as it turns out ;)

I don’t know why she did what she did but she was explaining something to her friends and I was there standing by a wall I had to capture that ass for all to see and then the next thing I knew she was flaunting her wares and shaking and jiggling her ass.

I hope you all enjoy as much as I had enjoyed this clip. Her friend isn’t half bad either and that gal in the background with the tall hat and tights too.

If enough people like this I will dig out some more cosplay photos and videos.

I did once bump into a porn mag shoot at comic con got some fine photos of one of them blowing one of the teenage mutant ninja turtles, well not really but she posed so it appeared as if she were.


Wish we could see the vid! It’s not playing for some reason. She sounds fantastic

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There should be either a link or embeded video I did share both options in the post I re-edited the video as webm to let me upload it here. the uploaded link tells me 25 viewed it so far.


Got it, thanks brotha

What a fat ass she’s got :eyes::tongue::tongue: