Can we please make video uploads higher quality?

So I would love to share videos of my work but the main site always knocks down the quality from 4K to seemingly 720 HD, is there any thing that can be done here @Taylor_Swift?




Agree with this, I am in the same situation.


Let’s go T Swift we can make this happen. I have a video I wanna upload too it’s in 4K 60FPS it’s 2022 now 720P is like a potato

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Please or stop pulling down mega links this website is about sharing

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We aren’t actively pulling down links, MEGA is shutting those links & accounts down based off the content shared, been a thing for a while now.

Well then use a site like gofile or both are pretty good, free, good upload limit, decent speed and they are both takedown resistant (atleast i think gofile is. bunkr is takedown resistant)