Candid tips

How can I get some nice low angles that are not too obvious like these? (Not mine)


drop an item and pick it up… lol


tie your shoe

A couple times I straight ask if I can feel what material their boots are and they let me feel them with the cam in my hand haha got some nice shots that way long before.


This id like to see in person

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Put your phone on video mode then put it in a hand basket. Make sure to put things around your phone to hide it and voila


Unfortunately my laptop and hardrives were all stolen couple years ago, I lost 99% of over 5 years of candids some were so good, hundreds of videos and photos… Im semi retire now after that heart broken lost.

Set your phone down in a basket and then when ever your coming up behind them, just set the smaller basket down right behind them

Obv cover it up as much as yu can, and the bottom of your phone if you don’t black your screen out, but also, with a blacked out screen while recording, that’d be pretty convincing to people that you aren’t recording

You can get angles kinda like this just standing. What I do is is turn my phone upside down, and hold it from the bottom the long way. Point the phones back camera at her that way. You just have to edit the video/screenshots later and flip them back right side up.


How do they get those walking ones lol I be trying