Capping a fine Latina sorority girl while shes getting hit on (face shots included)

Story time: watched homeboy in these shots literally run from two blocks over to catch this girl and start spitting game, heard her say she was in a sorority. Gotta respect the man’s hustle, she was hella bad ~ took advantage and capped the shit out of her :smiling_imp:




Love when I hit up a party and the latinx sorority bitches come out in full force.


She’d catch my attention too! Can’t blame the guy for trying!!! Respect for sure haha


Fuck, what a babe.

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How you know the party started

I feel the same way haha and I got a gorgeous cap of a baddie, we all win

She was so hot

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omg the tight shorts thigh fat combo

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Thigh gap into the tight cheeks is hot as fuck

Did he get the digits though?

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I saw her bust out her phone, pretty sure he at least got the insta, she didn’t seem too interested tho and it kinda just looked like he was following her around haha

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