College girl in a thin bikini with an amazing ass

Went into the vault for this one. Expecting a lot of likes.


Can we see face?

any more shots? also wanna see face

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Some nice half toasted buns she’s got, wonder how the front end is


I may have one but I couldn’t find it last night, though I saw it a couple days ago so it’s somewhere.

Sorry, I don’t like to share faces, though I am thinking of a post of times I got caught. There I’ll show faces — no problem.

Same. I have a photo where you can see the front but I can’t find it! It’s driving me nuts.

Going back to this beach this weekend. Get ready.

On the edge of my seat . . . .

Wow, no need for faces! This is perfect. Do you have her in sunbathing position on her stomach?

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No, unfortunately.

That butt is so squeezable.

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O fuck that’s is a tight fucking ass I want it

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