College PAWG at gym PT 2, OC w vid


Nice!! Part2!! :muscle::peach:You know these can be added to the same thread - just saying. Thats what a forum is setup for. ie, i am about to add more to this:

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Good to know! I’ll change it up moving forward, you back at the gym yet?

hell no!! LMOA!!


What’s your OG tumblr? I’m finna check that out

i havent posted, sadly. I was always scared to post after the big hit on Twitter. I repost only, saved up so much material im sorting through now!! There are so many tmblrs being shut down, MEGAs, Discords, i dont want to waste my time posting. Here is cool, besides, i NEVER paid for any creep material, not worth it to me. This is for fun!!

I am posting what i can as i find it among all my shit, onto this site - all the material is mine unless noted, like two or three topics maybe.