Coworker from back in the day


Nice catch.

Beautifully shaped ass

A big handful

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He said back in the day. Pic has wired headphones. I personally like wired headphones, but those are quite uncommon now a days.

Wired headphones are a thing of the past in the next 8 years, except for wired headphones like studio headphones or gaming headphones

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Kind of makes me feel old.

cute butt

Truely a nice and tight one!!! Faptastic!!!:ok_hand::eggplant::sweat_drops::sweat_drops::sweat_drops::sweat_drops::sweat_drops::sweat_drops::sweat_drops::sweat_drops::sweat_drops::jeans::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::champagne::boom::jeans::fire::heart_eyes::crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face: