Cute stewardess in skirt, pantyhose and heels

Front row view of this beauty


Apparently flight attendants are one of the jobs that cheat on their significant others most


i always say that watching stewardesses when i was a kid was what got started me down this road


Love ripped pantyhose on a babe

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Pretty sure that’s an urban myth lol but whatever gets you off, I’m not gonna stop ya

Haha this echoes what I pick up from a stewardess friend of mine… Not that I would mind if it were true lol :laughing:

Alright weirdly worded like a dick but that’s why I said “apparently” I’m not drooling over something like that it’s more sharing a fact that some may find hot. If you’re “pretty sure” then you’re the same amount of sure that I am so no need to be a dick.


So sexy vibes with those pantyhouse and skirt :hot_face: Great slim legs good job!

I bet she’s a mile high clubber, many times over.

I love that that’s her work uniform. The short skirt and high heels are what she’s required to wear for her job.