Dark Grey (OC)


That’s a good shot! What can u using for that distance, clarity, and size!!! Or lens??

Nikon Dslr with a 55-300 lens
Have moved to a Nikon P900 now. Loving it!


i need help finding that leans cuz thats expensive!! Cheapest i can find them for is 500$ if i remember correctly. I have the Sony nex 5 (i thinnk) its like 9yo w/no wifi no 4k but it takes awesome photos and have all the smaller lenses and some fish eyes but never got the big one. Also need to learn the filters, i never got into it completely

Thanks for the reply!!

75-200mm lenses are quite cheap usually. Look up Craigslist or a Facebook group in your area. Someone is usually selling them for cheap. You just need a basic UV filter on top and you are set.