Do you ever set yourself targets/quotas for a specific time period?

I personally enjoy creating targets of how many full body, boobs, ass and bikini shots i can get per year, and then trying to beat the previous year’s record. Does anyone else do this? I find it gives an extra fun element when you treat it like a challenge, it’s quite rewarding to beat the record and you can see how much you’re improving. Hopefully i can beat last year already by the end of this August/Summer if the weather is good :p

I’ve never created a formal challenge for myself in the way you say, but I do treat it like a game, pretty much like Pokémon :laughing:

Also I delete way more than I keep, what comes on here is only a tiny fraction of what I ever capture, but I’ll have a think and work out last years quota and see how I’m doing!

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Haha i totally get the Pokemon analogy, especially when it seems like there’s no hotties around for ages and suddenly you see a dump truck approaching with neon pink spandex like a rare shiny Charizard :joy: (man i used to love collecting Pokemon cards!)

How come you delete your pics? Is it because you realise afterwards they weren’t quite as good as you wanted them?


I will cap off 1200 pics in a 30 minute session all on live mode so I can get the perfect shots so I may take 50 snaps of a single target as they move and bend and flex lol then keep 5 or 6 unless it’s one that is a true banger then I’ll keep more… here’s a question… how big is your saved vault and is it organized into categories? Mine is and my vault is just shy of 100,000 snaps edited and cropped.


Yep dump truck in neon pink Spandex is the holy grail :sweat_smile:

Absolutely, I delete anything I feel isn’t good quality… Sometimes when I look at my older stuff i can’t believe I thought they were high quality at the time! I’m not saying I’m a premium shooter just I strive to get better.

Do you often review all your old captures, are any favourites put in a special folder away from the rest?

Mine aren’t in a good organisation as I’d like but I do have them saved broadly in folders by clothing type. 100k edited and cropped is insane! You make me feel lazy :joy:


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I can’t help it lol

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I honestly do this, but on a smaller level. If I go out to mall I try to get videos of at least 5 different girls that’s my type. I mainly go for tiny jean shorts and skirts. If I get those it’s a win and I get a celebratory wank after editing :joy:

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Oh wow, mine’s nowhere near that big. I’m approaching 2,000 though which is ok. I don’t do categories but i do label them on a scale of 1-3 depending on how hot they are. Sounds like you’ve got a reliable technique to get your shots, nice!

I use to have a route and only spent time in certian spots at a time. No need to draw attention. Then I would have folders much like this forum that I kept good stuff in. I wish I could download some and repost here from the old forum I use to post on… Be cool to see some old skool stuff. Im talking more than 10 years old and pretty good quality cuz I would use the smallest cyber shot sony I could fit in my pocket for hip shots.

Indeed I have goals for this summer. First was to stop myself recording every ass in jeans I see. Check.
Next: More leggings. Better positions like bend over and squatting shots. This will get me out of my comfort zone and I maybe have to do it free hand without setup. At last, capturing content thats not so easy. That means: Cleavage, boobs, crotch.

And I really should sort my collection. It is chaotic at the moment. Horrible!

Been doing that myself lately. Interesting that my personal standards have increased a lot over time. I’ve deleted so much!