Download multiple / all files in one go

Is it possible to have the option to download all files in 1 go, rather than click on each image and then download? It’s something I’ve been aware of in the past, some of the recent posts I’ve looked at have 30 + images and to go through each one and download is pretty manual.


I sometimes have to do it five pictures at a time

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DownThemAll should be a great tool to get most of the pictures from a thread. Although i dont know how it works if a thread really has many pictures like the college teen girl jeans thread from lvbottom

But im trying around with and maybe if it doesnt work look for other tools.

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Nothing really works since every new post is a “new url / site” for whatever reason. And DownThemAll only see’s the posts to for some of the posts so yeah unfortunately you have to save manual.