Fat ass white jeans

Milf in Tight white jeans. Enjoy


Those jeans are practically painted on! I love it!


OMG she’s spectacular! One more twinkie and those seams are history :heart_eyes: :peach:


Fuck-shit, thats an ass screaming, “Look at me!”

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OMG… I know her - really! I notice the area, because I have worked there for a while. She is selling drinks and snacks on the street. I saw her almost every day and couldn’t stop staring at her ass! Wow… she’s wearing every day tight pants and her ass looks soooooo great. I also made pictures of her, but have only these:

@CulonASSenjeans3 : if you have more or if you have the chance to get more of her, please please do so. She’s amazing!


Oh my…thats really tight, just amazing :sweat_drops: :weary: :heart_eyes:
Thanks posting !

Amazing when more than one person has here. No doubt there are probably hundreds of people taking thousands of pix of this bubble ass.

I also worked in that area many years ago. These captures were made in 2018 when I returned there to do some errands. Here are some pics but their quality is not good because they are from 2011 and I did not have a cell phone with a good camera. Even so, I leave the pics here



Thanks a lot. By the way, my captures are from 2021. Well, we can see that her ass has been consistently sexy over all the years.

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@CulonASSenjeans3 Wow…her backside is simply alluring and mouth-watering…won’t mind being her assistant and helping her out in daylight, so that I can peruse her during the night to just enjoy that body and ass…

Make her famous!
What I would do if I found my huckleberry!!

This got me off thank you