Fat wide ass


Perfect, sloppy thick ass. Love the chunky thighs with cellulite too


:drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face:. I LOVE that type of ass. I have first hand experience how they look and feel bouncing up and down on my cock.


This ass was so goddamn fat. I was leaving another store and I seen another girl w a little nice booty walk into this store so I quickly parked and got off and 5 minutes later I couldn’t believe my eyes when I seen this big ass butt just wobbling around everywhere. I could’ve got way more content out of this but when she walked in we made eye contact and of course I got worried whether she’d get suspicious of me being next to her. After watching the clips she didn’t mind at all and really made me wanna go back in time to cap more of that juicy ass. Also I switched from 4k to 1080 because there’s posts saying it’s better but hell the fuck no it’s not lol the quality is no where close to it . Anyways even tho it’s probably not going to happen I’m going to keep going to that store and hope she comes by again one day maybe with some gray leggings so we can see all that ass jiggle around. Lol


PLEASE keep going back lol. Great catch. My cousin has a fat sloppy ass just like this one and I wouldn’t hesitate for a split second if she ever gave me the green light to fuck her.


My fav type of ass. I know this slut knows how to fuck

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oh my god this is my absolute favorite kind of ass so sloppy, jiggly and thick ughhhh. need a video of this🤤


Very unique big ass

Yes i love this type of womens ass, hopefully you get more of her in the future! Is there more of her or a vid?

Cousins snap?

Man, I’d love to, but it’s just too risky at family & friend gatherings. I had 2 great pics on my old phone of her bending over when I was standing right behind her ass but I felt guilty and deleted them. I had some great fap sessions with those. But I need to draw the line somewhere as far as posting on here lol.


I love fat, sloppy asses like this :drooling_face::sweat_drops::eggplant: