First cap

Hi I’ve been lurking here for a while and want to start cappping but need some advice. When I’m out I see so many girls with nice asses how do I cap without getting caught


me personally i don’t use any fancy cameras or apps, all i do is start recording, and put the brightness on my phone all the way down, if you are outside then your phone will look like it is powered off so if anybody looks at your phone, they won’t be able to see anything


Here’s great advice for anything in life: nothing teaches you better than experience. Failure is just a knowledge checkpoint so don’t let mistakes deter you just be careful. Over time you’ll learn what NOT to do and what you prefer based on what works for you. Most of time it’s about reading the environment and acting natural which is 90% of the work, blending in.

The technical stuff can make it harder on you at first so keep it simple, maybe carry a product you might purchase and have the phone in the same hand held against it. Also use the black screen apps people talk about to throw off anyone who might be peeping you.

Make sure you crawl before you walk (and I don’t mean that literally). Better to get a few safe shots than risk it for the biscuit and have a shit show on your hands.

Lastly, and I cannot stress this enough, believe your lies and do NOT ever offer your phone or show your phone to anyone if caught. Deny, deny, deny, and if it calls for it act offended/confused and get out ASAP. BELIEVE your lies to make the gaslighting that may ensue a bit more natural as you abort. Always know the closest exit just in case or better yet keep it outdoors in crowds where there’s less attention given one-on-one.


I use BVR pro. This app allow you to record while you are using facebook instagram or whatever. It also records while your phone screen is off. So you just hold your phone in hour hand and act normal. Or you can directly record anyone in front of you while you scroll your feed on Facebook.

Look natural while you do it , try not to stare at their ass while you record. And only risk it if it’s something special / worth the risk. And don’t force the opportunity , just try to naturally get behind them and finally most importantly make sure they don’t have a person they’re with nearby cuz they will bust you.


One advice I can give is that there is never a subject that is too good to risk it. I’ve passed and walked by countless 10/10s simply because the situation would make me exposed or suspicious. There are so many girls around you should never feel regret that you missed out on that one chick.