Fit asian babe squats down for me

the 0.5 lens angle is the way to go


Very nice

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That VTL is amazing.

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diamond tier work man! wish you had more

These pictures are a work of art! From the angles to her incredible body! Well done!

Great work. Couldn’t agree more on the 0.5x for close ups.

That visible thong line is amazing. So sexy. Would love to see a face shot if you have one!

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man oh man

I love market basket

Amazing cap

God this is so good!!! I wonder how cute her face was!!! :hot_face:

OMG!!! So fucking hot

Agree with 0.5 lense. What phone u use? I used Samsung S20, and too bad my 0.5 lense quality not ass good as main camera so theres lost in detail. But damn your camera gey bery good quality.

No fucking way! That first pic is :fire: wish we could see more


Boom, that one straight in the face… gosh, imagine dicking down that booty…a-m-a-z-i-n-g. Thank you for that stunning post, my friend.

iphone 11

tbh im using the s23 and I still feel the same like I lose so much quality going 0.5, maybe I gotta clean the lens more often or something.

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Those are some great shots!