Friends - Juicy leggings and shorts - Video


Thank you for sharing! I loved the leggings and sandals combo!

what equipment are you using? the image quality is terrible . i think you may need an upgrade

Yes, I know - sorry for the low quality. This was my old phone from before covid. My newest stuff is from my A71 phone. I am getting an s22 plus next week.
I pull my stills from video, but will try shooting images with burst.

s22 is real upgrade, good hunting

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What settings do you use with the s22 ultra. I have it but if you toggle on or off certain features it can affect the quality.

i use an iphone 13 p . i saw a post past weeks somenoe share a complete guide for s22

If you find that, send me the link? I am leaning towards the s22 plus. The Ultra i twice as much, but the cameras are only a bit better . .

:yum: :fist: :sweat_drops:

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Leggins and short, the perfect combo. Great captures