From the Archives: Water Park

Dipping back into 2008, here are some overstuffed bikinis:


If this is your contact, there’s a lot more great stuff to see

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:flushed: the first one ! I never had sex with a girl with that size of boobs. I only can imagine how smooth it is… :disappointed_relieved:

I have

Was on top of me on the couch, I couldn’t breathe, they were literally squashing my face, it was incredible. She was a big girl, but they weren’t saggy, if you know what I mean, they just sat perfect, and were the biggest I’ve ever had the pleasure to be in front of me. Her body proportions were hourglass, everything in the right place.

Then I moved her onto the floor so I could smash her even more.

Soon as I got to her place, my dick was throbbing so much. You know when you know it’s gonna go down, and the sexual tension is huge. Some women, they just get your blood pumping in the right way, more so than others. Great memory.

I ghosted her after, big regret though, always wished that I’d have gone back for at least a few more times with her, but I was mid 20s and just ploughing everything.

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