Full storage iPhone

I was recording but didn’t notice my storage was full so when I finished the recording. It was blank, black screen. Is it a way to recover that ?

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That doesn’t happen always, don’t think there’s a fix for that

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Replied to wrong post? Lol

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Control your content!

If money is the concern:

  1. Buy a 4tb HDD to hide somewhere ($50 -100)
  2. Buy a cloud HDD like MyCloud (starting $180)

If time is an issue:
Go with the MyCloud and backup auto.
Use MEGA sparingly, and others like it. They cancel accounts and cannot be relied on

Google drops quality, now Amazon does too
OneDrive and iCloud are the best but have other issues. Too easy to share from them and that traffic may get you kicked as well.

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Use google photos. Then you can automatically delete content that it has backed up and re download whenever you want

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