Girlfriends sister



It’s a set up lol

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Ummm…girlfriend’s sister needs to have a daily presence here. Especially if she’s going to keep showing that ass off for you.

And my inbox is always open if you get a few shots that don’t qualify as public candids…fuck. I’m getting hard already…keep em cumming!!!


Man great Ass

Is this the same sister with the shorts? Dang!

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She’s absolutely gorgeous. Stunner both in the face body and butt! I might be in love

I think im in love

Any thing more of her? Cause there should be! Inbox always open (and messages always appreciated) if you have anything more, public or not :)

Perfect Ass!

Hope you can keep getting shots like this. Don’t break up lol

More more and more!

Same red car in both sets so I would say so. She’s a dime!!!

That’s just nice man

Wow more please

Damn she’s beautiful and had an amazing ass you’re lucky lol

Now we are waiting for your girlfriend ;)

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Need more !

Oh yes…if the sister is this hot, the girlfriend has to at least be decent! Shots of the sisters together would be money!!!

Lucky you I guess you will have more of her ;)