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I literally just discovered this site by googling “candids”, lol. But, I love the site and I’m glad to find a decent community like this


Same I just googled candid girls or candid teens or something and found this.


Was looking for a good candid community after checking out several forums this one felt the most open and welcoming and I’ve been here ever since!


I came across this site when I used and different search engine to hunt down more sites and boom!! This came up in top spot! Amazed as I never had seen before using search engines.

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Only good result on google


I used to shoot going back to the 90s.,I’d go shoot mostly cheerleaders, back in that day you either had big bulky digital cameras or full camcorders, and the quality was 1/10th of the stuff available today. I found this site by googling, and I have to say it’s a tremendously user friendly interface, and gets you right to what you want to see. I don’t know how I’ve never come across it before!


I was googling Voyeur and found your site. Love the interface here very clean and no freakin pop ups. NICE job!

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I was tired of getting banned on tumbler. Got banned for the 3rd time. I was googling “candid teens and spandex shorts.” I managed to find this site through a google search of the photos sections. I clicked on what seemed to be an innocent looking photo, and it led me here. I’m thrilled to be part of a like-minded culture. Thank you.


someone share a link in a creepshot threat at 4chan webpage

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I found out when I was googling and also because I want to share my sincere girls stuff

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A fellow Shooter told me about this site :+1:t3:

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Guess I’m not the only one, I found this under different search engine just yesterday, it was like finding national treasure.

I only discovered this site from amateur site. Someone on there recommend this site. And I love it

hope to win

Just some googleing for some good sites, and I came across this one. My main one every since

Searching for candid zone and I found you, I no candid zone has been closed for some time now and have being looking for another like minded group of guys like me,

I first discovered the candid videos page by googling “blonde candid”, but I didn’t know the forum existed. Until one day, I googled “candid” and this time the forum appeared. I liked it a lot since I found it, that I spent almost an entire day looking at the forum.

I googled candid forums, lol